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453 Radio Locked

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1809 Creditevilution For453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

Radio Locked Please Contact Dealer

First things first, don’t contact your dealer because they won’t/can’t help. All they will do is sell you a new replacement stereo.

2nd Hand Radio

The majority of the basic 453 radios have antitheft activated.

They are also coded to the original car’s VIN code.

I tried writing my VIN code to the radio using DDT4All but…

…it just wouldn’t do it. Probably because coding has been deactivated for security.


Also on DDT4All is an expert coding mode. (arrowed below). It can read the VIN code from the stereo and it says there is an option for writing the VIN code too.

I didn’t try to write the new VIN because I was just playing around with it and I was put off with this pop up.

If you want to get it a try, let me know how you get on.