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451 Clutch Actuator Setting

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Do not touch clutch actuator on the tappet or the rubber bellow.

Never touch the electric connector. The servo motor sensor system can be destroyed by static discharge.

Removing The Clutch Actuator

Switch off the ignition.
Wait for the stopping time of the transmission control system (approx. 60 seconds).
Make sure the clutch is completely closed.
Disconnect the electric connection on the servomotor.
Loosen clutch actuator screws (2, 3, 5).

Installing The Clutch Actuator

Position the clutch actuator (5) in the clutch bell housing (3) in such a way that the tappet is lying securely on the tappet mount of the clutch release lever.

Attach the clutch actuator to the transmission with the screws (2, 3, 5) so it can be moved.
There are scales on the slotted holes (2, 3, 5) for adjusting the pre-tensioning force.
Press the clutch actuator 3 scale markings (* 6 mm) in the direction of the arrow (Fig. 1).
Tighten screws in the order 3 → 2 → 5 with 10 ≤ 1 Nm.
Connect the electric connection to the servomotor.
Set basics for the clutch actuator with the diagnostic unit.