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EQ Pioneer Switching Issue

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My Pioneer Stereo Turns On By Itself

Not long after fitting the SPH-EVO62DAB stereo, I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep. I live in the middle of nowhere so it’s usually very quiet but I could hear music. I figured it was some kids parked up on one of the country roads playing their music too loud. Eventually I decided to go out and tell them to fuck off so went out the front door to notice that my 453 EQ interior was lit up. The car was locked but the stereo was on and playing music. I disconnected the stereo and went back to bed.

The next day I started investigating the strange issue.

The Pioneer stereo uses the CAN bus to turn on and off. After a bit of poking around and found out that the EQ activates the CAN bus randomly so it can monitor the battery system. It may also turn on once the charging finishes.

Either way, for some reason, the Pioneer will randomly turn on and it’ll not turn itself off. Annoying. I just disconnected the stereo when I finished driving until I had some time off and could fix it correctly. Luckily it was a fairly simple fix.

Which Stereos Will It Affect?

I have only fitted a Pioneer SPH-EVO62DAB and Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB but it will definitely also affect the SPH-EVO64DAB too. Other stereo brands may also be affected.

Fitting A Switched Live

The Pioneer wiring box supplied with the SMAB and SMAW fitting kit watches the CAN bus and creates a switched live from the permanent live. Instead of relying on this simulated switched live, we will create a real ignition switched live. The only place I could find one was the lighter socket behind the handbrake. So, pop off the side covers and remove the Torx30 bolts from each side.

Lift and disconnect the connections underneath.

On mine I have the SD card connector, USB connector and lighter socket connector.

We want the yellow/brown wire.

Strip back some of the sheathing to reveal the copper strands. Try not to damage the copper strands.

Grab a length of cable and wrap it around the exposed copper.

Solder the joint…

…to secure the connection.

Wrap everything up with loom tape so nothing shorts out when you put everything back together.

Run the new cable under the gear tunnel and…

…up behind the stereo.

Take the Pioneer wiring, locate the red cable…

…and disconnect it at the bullet connector.

Get a female bullet connector…

…and crimp it to the new wire.

Plug the new wire into the existing wire that goes to the Pioneer connector.

If you don’t have bullet connectors or a crimping tool, you can cut the old male bullet connector off and solder the cable to the new cable.

Put everything back together and your stereo won’t turn on by itself.