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450 Steering Rack Removal

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Before you continue, it is highly recommended that you immobilise the steering wheel so it can’t move later on when you disconnect the column from the rack. I normally use elastic bungie cords from the driver’s seat base, wrapped around the bottom of the steering wheel and then over to the other side of the driver’s side seat base. The bungie rope needs to be fairly tight to reduce movement which could cause steering wheel alignment issues later on should the wheel move during the procedure.

Rack Removal

Remove the front panels, remove the crash bar You now have 2 options. Remove the coolant and AC radiator or remove the front frame and carefully pull the radiator pack forwards so you can work down the back to reach the steering rack bolts.

Here I have removed the radiator pack and the frame just for better access for photos.

The steering rack is bolted to the cross member with 2x Torx E14 headed bolts. Remove both.

At the steering column input you have a cam bolt held tightly with a 13mm nut. Remove this…

…and pull the cam bolt out of the column.

You can flip the steering column connector up and out of the way. If you have a power steering rack (not shown here), you will have to also disconnect any electrical connections.

Finally you just have to disconnect the steering rods from the steering ball joints on the wheel hubs. Spray them with penetrating lubricant to give you a fighting chance of removing the 18mm nuts.

The rack can now be slid from the car.