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#1 Over The Air Updates

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Over The Air Update Versions & Features

1.1.0 – January 2023 – China Only

Optional assistant now includes a white fox or a border collie.
Ambient light option to react to music.
Holiday themed “Easter eggs” on central display.
4 new skins fro the central display.
Bilibili and Ximalaya apps added.
Expanded the visible-to-speak function.
Subscription packages added for heated seats, heated steering wheel and vented front seats.

1.1.1 – August 2023

Instrument cluster displays the time.
Dutch language added.
Task manager function added.
Mute button added for Around-View-Monitor pop up screen.
Adaptive high beam settings remembered after shutdown.
Instant energy consumption widget added.
Navigation junction detail card only displayed when relevant.
Shortcut function can be edited in drop down screen.
New display priority setting on driver display.
View message history in the message box.
Lock/unlock button added to central display.
Mute all applications button added.
Optimisation of centre display power on/off.
Go-To-Office added to the earth map on centre display.

1.2.0 October 2023

Scheduled charging.
Screen cleaning function stops input when touching.
Norwegian and Swedish language added.
Show mileage/days to next service.
Optimised driver monitoring system.
Optimised rear cross traffic alert function.

1.3.0 November 2023

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto added.
Smartphone mirroring. Cabled or wireless.
Improved navigation functions.
Optimised traffic sign recognition.
Data protection and privacy settings added.
Enhanced vehicle monitoring through app.
Improved charging planning on route.

Bug – Possible pre acclimatisation issue and online services turn off by themselves.

1.3.0a1 Early February 2024

Heated steering wheel activation rolled out to European models.

1.3.2 Late February 2024

Option to preheat the battery before charging.
Car wash mode stops the automatic wipers, closes the windows, folds the mirrors, disables proximity lock, disables alarm, turns the heater to recirculation, disables gesture tailgate, locks the charge port cover.
Hand wash mode stops the automatic wipers, closes the windows, disables proximity lock, turns off AC, screen cleaning mode, entertainment mode, disables gesture tailgate, locks the charge port cover.
Valet mode logs out your profile ID, enter visitor mode, disable bluetooth, voice control and multimedia functions.
Emergency lane keep assist switch.
Seat slides back when you open the door and slides back to position when you get back in the car.
Online service switch fixed so the option doesn’t turn itself off.

How To Install An Update

Occasionally, when you get in the car and start it, the person in the screen will tell you that an update has been downloaded and is ready to install. You can confirm this and the screen will show a 2 minute countdown. In that time you need to shut the car down, get out and lock the car. The boot and bonnet must also be closed or the update will be cancelled. Go in the house and treat yourself to a relaxed non-rushed poo. The update should take a maximum of 10 minutes and when you go out, the car should be updated.