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453 EQ HV Service Plug

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1803 Creditevilution For453 EQ Link Copy to Clipboard

If you are doing any work on the high voltage side of the car, any orange cables or any electrical controllers for the battery or motor, you really should be pulling the service disconnect plug to stop the system from being able to apply the 400 volts through the HV cables. Lay down under the rear offside of the car…

…and look up behind the plastic shrouds,

You will see a polystyrene block.

Pull it out.

This covers the HV service plug. To disconnect the plug, push in the orange tab and fold out the green lever by 90 degrees.

The plug is now free to pull away from the car.

This is the socket that’s remaining. Don’t go poking anything into the terminals.