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I Can Smell Fuel – Roadster

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1807 For452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

Check The Fuel Pump Seal

This is the biggest reason for a fuel smell in the cabin after filling the tank. As the tank is filled, the air that is pushed out of the tank by the incoming fuel is normally passed through a charcoal filter, so you don’t smell it. However, if the fuel pump seal has failed, some of the air will be pushed out into the car.

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Check The Neck Seal

There is a breather behind the seal and rubber doesn’t last for ever. So check to see if there’s any damage, cracks or dry rot.

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Check The Fuel Cap Seal

Unscrew the fuel cap and check the rubber seal for splits or damage.

Again, rubber doesn’t last forever, especially when it’s in contact with fuel.

Check The Charcoal Canister

As mentioned earlier, when the fuel tank is filled up, the air in the tank is pushed through the activated charcoal filter to remove the smell and the fuel vapours. There are a few issues to look at.

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