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453 Rear Wheel Bearing Change

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1826 Creditevilution For453 EQ453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

Loosen the wheel bolts, jack the car up, remove the wheel, remove the brake drum, remove the driveshaft bolt.

Do yourself a favour, reinsert the driveshaft bolt a few turns and give it a tap with a hammer to help it release the driveshaft splines from the bearing. Then remove the bolt again.

Lean over and look in behind the brake assembly.

If you have eyes on stalks, you’ll just about be able to see some of the fixings.

They are E14 bolts.

Although you can only really see 2 of the fixings, there are 4, 1 in each corner. With extensions, swearing, blind luck and feel, remove all 4 of the bolts. 62Nm on refitting.

Since you removed the centre driveshaft bolt in step 1, you’ll be able to pull the driveshaft out of the bearing ever so slightly and this may give you just that little bit more room.

The only thing holding the bearing in place now is rust and other assorted corrosion. Don’t beat the shit out of it but a friendly hammer tap can help. If you have a fancy hub puller, use that.

Here’s the back of the bearing. Exciting huh but it does show how rusty they get and this was only a 2 year old car.

Seriously consider if you want to do this job again next year when choosing a replacement bearing. Shocking discovery and a bit controversial but “cheap shit bearings” are cheap shit.

Driveshaft Bolt

60Nm + 70 degrees on refitting.