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Exterior guides and mods

450 Window Regulator

Modification Details

Remove the outer door skin. You can see the broken white plastic glass holder that caused the problem.

Remove all of the inner door panel screws around the front and base of panel.

Also 2 screws by the door catch on the inside.
1 screw just under the top aluminium frame has 1 screw that needs to come out. (from the outside).
Remove the 2 screws holding the glass and the 2 height adjustment pieces in the top bar. Lift the door glass out.

On the inside, remove the 2 screws holding the handle in place and
then the fabric covered door card can be pushed forward to release.

The inner door panel is clipped into the aluminium frame with plastic clips so pull the inner panel off the frame.

View from inside. Note the inner panel is detached but held in place inside the door frame,
it cant be removed completely unless all the cables are detached.

There is also a water protective membrane which just sits in place.

The glass quarter panel is held on by 2 screws, lower one has a shim inside to adjust the angle of glass.
You shouldn't need to remove this small piece of glass to remove the regulator.

Drill out the 4 pop rivets holding regulator in place.

The regulator can now be lifted up and removed from the door frame.

You will need 4 rivets to refit the new regulator. 1 of the top rivets will need to be longer as it passes through
the roller. With the regulator securely fitted you can reinstall everything back into the door and test.


Thanks to Robin for sending this page of info in.

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