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453 Dash Pod Fitting

Modification Details

Fitting The 453 RPM And Clock Pods

Using something that won't damage the plastic, lever off the air vent surround panel.

It's held in with the yellow plastic push in clips as seen below.

Nothing there at all but we still needed to remove it for access later on.

With the same tool as before, lever off the small vent making sure not to damage any plastic.

Again, nothing to see here.

Lever off the side dash panel... reveal the electrical connection for the pod.

Poke the wires from the pod down the small vent hole...

... and plug it in.

You should have 2 screws with your pods. They screw in from the front as highlighted below.

Reassemble all of the panels that you removed.

Then The Pods Work Right?

No. I believe you'll then need to have them activated at smart.

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