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Better Roadster Headlights

Modification Details

The Roadster Headlights Are Shit

I hear that a lot online (maybe not exactly in those words).

The rest of the online post will then start recommending better bulbs, then some bell-end will recommend
100 watt bulbs and will get shot down by anyone with a clue. Ultimately the post will then get onto HID
(xenon) headlights and then the whole post tails off into uneducated guesses about legality.

You cannot legally put HID bulbs into headlights designed for halogen headlights. This is the law for most 1st world countries.

So, What's The Fix?

The problem is not the bulbs. You can put a set of £50 PIAA bulbs in and they still won't be great.

The problem is the headlight unit itself. Let's have a quick look. See if you can see the issue.

Look at the stupid size of the lens. The reflector behind it isn't great either.
The lens is 47mm across. So much of the produced light is wasted.

This type of 90mm Hella headlight have been used for many years in different cars.
Even Hella knew that they were crap because in around 2012, they redesigned it.

Compare this lens to the old type. This new lens is 70mm across.
It's 2.3 times the area compared to the old type so far less light is wasted.

These units still use the H7 bulbs but the body of the light is a bit longer.

The reason for that is that these units are Bi-Halogen which means they have the high and low beam in 1 unit.
This is done with an internal shroud that creates the correct cut off line for the low beam. However, this shroud
can be pulled out of the way with a solenoid, removing the cut off line and creating a full beam pattern.

Fitting The Hella Bi-Halogen Headlights

The adjustment pegs have to be screwed in so that the ball end faces forwards.
You then take a cap and push it over the ball end of the fixing.

Once you have fitted all 3 caps, you are ready to drill out the old fixing holes.

The original fixings have smaller caps that require a 10mm hole.
The new fixings have a larger ball and therefore larger caps.

You need to use a step drill to drill the 10mm holes out to 14mm.

You can then push the new headlight into place with a click from each fixing.

You will have to adjust the spacing and the angle of the light. Space is a bit tight due to the wheel arch liner
but you can either trim the light shroud and adjust the light forward or heat up the arch liner...

... and tease it out of the way with the handle of a screwdriver.

The plastic will hold its shape once it has cooled down.

It doesn't take much to make the room required.

It took less than 3 minutes of heat and manipulation to gain this room.

The arch liner is only plastic and you only need the room for the headlight power connector to plug in.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Go onto eBay for your country and search for Hella 90mm and find the ones that look like above.
Make sure you get the ones with the high and low beam in the same unit and it has the larger lens.
Also make sure that they are the correct ones for your country (left hand or right hand traffic).

Look at what country they are being shipped from. If they come from the UK, Japan or Australia, they
will be RHD (left hand traffic). If they come from Europe or America, they'll be LHD (right hand traffic).

If you can't find them on eBay for your country, look on eBay for a country that has the same side traffic.

They are about £150 for the pair of these headlights although prices change.

Wiring The Headlight

You can keep it wired as it was before with separate low and high beams if you wish.
However, if you want to, you can wire the high beam bulb connector to the solenoid wiring.

So when you turn on the high beam, the solenoid will create the high beam pattern.

What About The Old High Beam Headlight?

That's up to you. You can leave them in place if you want or replace them with some kind of day time running light.

Personally, we decided to make a single aperture surround to keep the lines clean.

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