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Sending Stuff To Evilution

Modification Details

Deliveries, Gifts, Promotional or Review Items

In late 2017, I got myself a PO Box so I could get things delivered without affecting my privacy.
For 18 months, that address was displayed on my contacts page but no one ever used it except for me.

Until now.

So I thought I'd create a page so I can list things that people send.
If you want to send me something, a gift, parts, promotional items or something for review,
send them to the following address with a note inside telling me who, what etc.

PO Box, 12578,
CM14 9QQ.

Please don't send anything that you want back.


In February 2019, Gerry contacted me because he had a 450 in America and the door cable had snapped.
Getting 450 parts in the US is tricky so I offered to try and make a replacement. Which I did.

I sent him the new cable and in return he sent me a surprise gift of a t-shirt from his area.

Specific Things I Need

I'm currently looking for faulty crankshaft rotation sensors. Ones that cause the car to stall when the car gets hot.

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