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Exterior guides and mods

Roadster Boot Liner

The boot is in the front of the Roadster ok!

Modification Details

Open the bonnet and locate the 2 bolts on the front edge (circled red).
There are 2 types or fastening possible here, a slot or a torx head.

Using either a torx bit or a flat blade screwdriver, unscrew the bolts.
Most coins works perfectly well so leave one in the front boot just in case.
You might need it one day as actual emergency money for a toll road or a prostitute.

Look towards the back of the storage area and locate the 2 bolts (circled red).
Unscrew both of these the same way as before.

Those four bolts are the only thing holding it down, with them loosened the entire liner
can be lifted up and out of the car. To refit, just lower in place and retighten the bolts.

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