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450 Wing Mirror Disassembly

Modification Details

Remove the wing mirror from the car.

Grab the corner of the mirror and pull. The closer to the edge you hold it, the more chance the glass will break.
So try to get your fingers right behind the back of the mirror, spread the weight and pull gently.

Didn't break! Sweet.

There are 3x Torx10 screws to remove from the adjuster head.

The adjuster head can be lifted out of the way to reveal 2x Torx20 screws. Remove these.

Flip the mirror over to reveal 3x Torx20 screws on the swivel base. Remove these as well.

Pull the wing mirror base... of the manual adjuster or electric adjuster cables.

Look again at the swivel base, there's another Torx20 to take out. (I hope you're paying attention to what goes where).

The adjuster and swivel can now be pulled...

...out of the wing mirror shell.

You can pull the adjuster out through the swivel hinge if you need to fix a floppy mirror.

Are Electric And Manual Mirrors The Same Shell?

Yes, apart from the actual adjuster, everything is the same.

The only difference is that wing mirrors from a left hand drive and a right hand drive are angled differently.
Makes sense. The driver is in a different place so the mirrors have to be different angles.

I took an electric and manual mirror apart and swapped over the internals to prove they fitted.

If you look on the hinge, I wrote E for electric and M for manual. The hinges swap over with no issues.

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