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451 Brake Master Cylinder

Modification Details

Depending on what you want to do, you can remove just the master cylinder, the master cylinder with the vacuum brake booster or the entire brake pedal assembly.

Firstly, drain the brake fluid from the system. You will need MB Star Diagnostics to refill the system later.

Entire Pedal Assembly

Pull up the "ribbed for her pleasure" rubber johnny from the base of the brake pedal.
Remove the Torx45 bolts from the brake pedal arm.

Lift the brake pedal up...

...and fold it towards you about 45 degrees.

Pull the brake pedal sideways to disconnect it from the base.

Raise the car up as high as you can, secure it and lower the front undertray.
Remove the 2x E10 bolts from either side of the casting (arrowed below).

Now you need to undo the 2 metal pipes coming from the master cylinder. These are nearly impossible to photograph on the car. You have to work on the 2x 12mm pipe nuts that you just can't see as they are sort of on the top of the master cylinder. You'll have to remove these by feel.


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