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453 Auto Wiper Coding

Modification Details

Retrofitting Auto Wipers To The 453

This is a 2 part retrofit. First you have to fit a new wiper stalk, click here.

You can't just use any old wiper stalk, it must have the word "auto" on it.

Luckily, all 453 models already have the light/rain sensor installed from the factory.


Start up DDT4All and connect to the car as mentioned here.

Double click EMM_EDISON_DDT2000 in the 2nd box on the left hand side.

In the 3rd box, scroll to the bottom to find EMM_WipingAndWashing. Double click to open the selections.
Then single click on EMM_WipingAndWashing - Configuration.

Click on Einstein's face to enable expert mode.

Look over to the main screen. Ignore all of the other parameters except for the top one.
Nbx_AUTO_WIPE_CF.  This will be set at 0.

In the box to the right, change the 0 to a 1 and then click "Send".

The auto wipe feature is now ready to go. You can check it by standing on the roof and pissing down the windscreen.

Stalk Part Numbers

Stalk part numbers are at the bottom of this page.

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