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451 Centre Console Removal

Modification Details

Go over to the passenger side...

...and pull back the carpet. Remove the polystyrene footwell block to reveal the battery tray.

The centre console cover has a screw (arrowed below), remove it...

...and the same on the opposite side. If you have anything attached to the centre console (cup holder etc), remove it.

Look under the dash. Near the centre, there are 2 screws. Remove them.

Repeat this on the other side.

Pull the bottom part of the centre console towards the gearstick.

You may want to reach behind the 12v lighter socket and disconnect it.

You have enough wire length on the OBD connector to pull the centre console out enough to remove the battery.
However, if you wish to remove the centre console fully, you'll have to disconnect the OBD port.

Slide the surround over... unlock the tabs.

Push the OBD port from the front and it will slide out of the housing.

The centre console is now free from the car.

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