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453 EQ Charger Coding

Modification Details

Smart Screwed Up

Many of the European electric drive 453s with the 7kW chargers left the factory with the inability to actually charge at 7kW. This is because of BS power regulations in some countries. Read about it here.


Yep. Let's look at numbers.

Watts are Volts x Amps.

So 7000 watts (7kW) divided by 230 volts = 30 amps
In an ideal world, you have 230 volts at 32 amps so your car charges at about 7.36kW

If you reduce the voltage or amperage, you automatically reduce the wattage that your car receives.

So, What's The Problem?

Many of the cars with 7kW chargers are actually coded to only accept 20 Amps instead of the full 32 amps.

Let's look at the calculation for that.

230 volts x 20 amps = 4600 watts.

So your 7kW car may only be charging at 4.6kW

That's only 65% of what it should be charging at.

How Can This Be Fixed?

DDT4All as per usual, click here.

The Simple Coding Process


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