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453 Retrofitting TomTom R-Link Stereo

Modification Details

OK, so you have the bog standard "smart sound" radio unit...

...but you want the "smart media" unit?

This is going to be a quick page. Well, it would be if I didn't pad it out with nonsense.

Is It Easy To Retrofit?

Nope. None of the connections are there and they are integral to the main wiring loom.

Fitting The Media Unit

Step 0 - Disconnect the battery.

Step 1 - Take absolutely everything out from inside the car. EVERYTHING!
Seats, centre console, carpet, steering wheel, dashboard, passenger airbag etc.

Step 2 - Take all of the panels off the outside of the car.

Step 3 - Label and disconnect all of the electrical connections and earth connections.

Step 4 - Go and buy an entire wiring loom for a car that has the media stereo (about £1500 from smart)

Step 5 - Buy all of the parts of the stereo. Touch screen, radio, audio gateway control unit, etc. (not cheap).

Step 6 - Connect everything back up.

Step 7 - Get on DDT4All and change all of the parameters required to make it work.

All of that should only take 2 days of continuous work and cost about £2000+.

Is It Worth Doing?

Oh hell no. It's a piece of shit. Even if it was plug and play, it's not worth it.
If you could make an adapter loom, it'd still not be worth the time and effort.

People who own this media unit as standard in their car generally think it sucks.

What Should I Do Instead?

Since you have the cheapy stereo fitted, you are in a better position to fit the Pioneer EVO62.

Do yourself a favour and just get one of those instead. Click.

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