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453 Mirror Glass Removal

Modification Details

So, you either broke the mirror or need to get the mirror cap off.

Adjust the mirror all of the way in... you have enough room to get your fingers behind the mirror.
Don't pull the mirror from the edge, try and reach behind the mirror to pull it off. It should unclip fairly easily.

If you have heated mirrors, you'll have to pull off the heater connections.

The glass is now free. If your replacement comes with the backing plate, great, just fit it to the wing mirror.
If you just have the glass, you'll have to remove the broken mirror from the backing. Careful with the broken shards.

The replacement glass usually has double sided tape on the back.

You can now clean out all of the spider egg sacks and dead insects.

I shouldn't have to say this but the left hand glass is not the same as the right hand glass. So get the correct side.

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