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SE Drive & Ignition Fix

There have been a few instances now where the ignition key fails to turn the ignition switch below it. So far they have all been in Roadsters.

Modification Details

What's The Symptom

You put the key in the ignition, turn it but there is no resistance. The key just turns and turns.
Sometimes you might feel a little bit of a catch but either way, the ignition doesn't come on.

Important Info

Although this can be done while the SE Drive is on the car, it makes more sense to remove it.
There are wires that can be damaged but if you take care you will be OK.
Info on removing the SE Drive can be found

You will need a special tool to remove the SE Drive fixing bolts, available here.

What Does The Fix Do?

The problem is inside the SE Drive. Inside it is an insert that holds the gear change PCB and
the ignition barrel, the problem is that this insert is held in by 3 plastic clips on each side.
If they unclip themselves, the insert can fall down, moving the ignition switch away from the barrel.
With these two not touching, there is no way to start the car.

It is also possible that the sliding metal plate can become dislodged
and cause poor or restricted movement of the gear lever.

What this fix does is to join the main assembly and the insert with a more reliable fixing.

Applying The Fix


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