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451 2-Spoke Paddle Steering Wheel

So, you have a 451 and want paddle shift but don't want to spend a load of money, read on.

Modification Details

This Is A Common Want

Don't have a paddle-shift steering wheel, want a paddle-shift steering wheel, don't have £400 to waste.

Well how about making your existing wheel into a paddle-shift steering wheel (shown below) for less than £40
in standard smart parts plus however much it costs to get it coded. (Not very much if you take it to S2smarts).

Turn Your 2 Spoke Steering Wheel Into A Paddle Wheel

Remove the steering wheel and flip it over.
Dismantling the steering wheel is shown in more detail here but the basics are on this page.
Remove the 2x Torx 25 screws holding the back on.

Around the outside of the black ESP cartridge are 3x Torx 40 bolts, undo these to disconnect the airbag.


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