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451 Dual Tow Eye Crash Bar

Modification Details

First Things First

I have already had far too many people ask me the same question about this page so I will answer it here.
No, this will not fit the 450. It's 451 only. If it did fit the 450, it's something I would have mentioned.


If you want to add an A-frame for towing your 451 behind a motorhome, or you want to add something to the
front of your 451, you'll need a towing eye each side. However, if you look, the 451 only has 1 towing eye cover.

Unless you have a USA smart 451, there is no threaded hole on the right as you look at the car.
This page shows you how to fit a replacement crash bar with 2 tow eye holes and the part number you'll need.

Removal And Fitting

Here is the standard 451 Euro crash bar, it has 1 towing eye thread on the left hand side.

The polystyrene cap pulls off to reveal the crash bar. Still only 1 towing eye available.

Remove the 3x E14 Torx bolts from each side to remove the existing crash bar.

Here is the replacement crash bar behind the original. You can see it is wider and taller.

The new one still fits between the polystyrene arch protectors but the polystyrene cap you removed
from the old crash bar is NOT placed onto the new crash bar. This crash bar gives you more protection
and allows less frontal panel deflection in the case of a crash.


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