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451 Hatch Not Closing

Modification Details

Your 451 glass hatch won't latch closed, it just springs back open.

There are 4 parts to this mechanism. The main catch is what grabs the loop on the glass hatch as you close it.

Spray some penetrating lubricant into the mechanism and manipulate the latch back and forth to work the oil in.

As is moves backwards, it moves a 2nd clip which it pushes out of the way until it springs back and locks the latch.

Grab a screwdriver and manipulate the 2nd catch back and forth.

If that hasn't fixed it, you'll have to access the rest of the mechanism. Look in the back of the catch area.
You will see a Torx20 screw that will need removing. Pull the rubber strip off the boot hatch too.

The cover can now be pulled towards you to view the rest of the mechanism.

Spray all of this with penetrating lubricant and manipulate the catch. Pay attention to what moves.
You can fully push the main catch in so it locks. To unlock it again, push the white part downwards... this.

Continuously latch and unlatch the mechanism to try and free it up. Make sure everything looks to be in position as shown
above. Press and hold the boot release button on the key to ensure that the solenoid is pulling the release lever.

Reassemble everything and hopefully the glass hatch will correctly latch closed now.

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