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453 JBL Boot Sub Woofer

Modification Details

Removable JBL Sub Woofer Information

This is the sub that can be bought from smart (part numbers coming later with the other parts required).

It's a fairly compact bass box that can be fitted and removed from the left hand side of the boot.

The speaker is 165mm in diameter. That's 6.5 Imperial American freedom inches.

With the speaker out, you can see that there is no amplifier. It's just a speaker in a box no matter what some sellers say.

The sellers may be confused by the 4 wires going into the box and think that 2 are for an amplifier.
This is not the case. It's actually a dual voice coil so it will play left and right through the same speaker.

With a bit of work with a Dremel rotary tool, I think a larger speaker could be made to fit if you wanted.

Fitting The Base Frame

The sub doesn't just magically stay in place. There is no Velcro and no nails. We need to fit a mounting frame.

Open the boot and remove the screw in the lower left hand side boot side trim.

You'll have to lift the lower flap cable to clear the lower panel so you can pull it away.

It's held in with a load of clips and tabs. Some break, some don't.

Now remove the screw in the upper section in the boot.

Pull the boot rubber seal towards to so you can pull the plastic panel to the right...

...enough so you can reach in and disconnect the boot light.

Again, the panel is held in place with a load of clips and tabs. Pull the panel to the right to gain access.


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