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What Smart Do I Own

This page will help you to work out what smart you have.

Modification Details

What Smarts Are There?

Fortwo / City coupe 450 (600cc & 700cc engine)
Fortwo / City cabrio 450 (600cc & 700cc engine)
Fortwo coupe 451 (999cc engine)
Fortwo cabrio 451 (999cc engine)
Crossblade (600cc engine)
Roadster (700cc engine)
Roadster coupe (700cc engine)
Forfour (various engines)

What About The 800cc Diesel Fortwo?

Apart from the engine, the car is mostly the same as the petrol fortwo. We saw no point in giving the diesel smart its own section because there are so few engine modifications for the diesel engine. If you have a SAM unit, choose the 700cc fortwo, if you have a ZEE unit, choose the 600cc fortwo. If you have a diesel 451, choose the 451 petrol model.

Any info directly relating to the diesel fortwo can be found by searching for the word CDI. 

Which Smart Do I Have?

The easiest way to determine what smart you have is to look at your V5 document.
It will tell you the type of car and the engine size, if you can't find this info, read on.

If you do not know the answer to the headlights questions in the below flowchart,
look at the section below it detailing the differences and types of headlights.

If you do not know the answer to "does your car have a SAM unit" look further
down the page to see the instructions so you can find out for yourself.

Smart Fortwo Headlight Types

The Fortwo's headlights were named after nuts which resemble the shape of the light. 

Almond headlights were found on the Fortwo from 1998 to 2002.

Peanut headlights
 Peanut headlights were found on Fortwo petrol Coupes from 2003
to late 2007, ForTwo Diesel (CDI) coupes from 2004 - 2007, and all Fortwo Cabrios.

Cashew headlights are found on all new Fortwos from late 2007 onwards.

Does Your Car Have A SAM Unit?

The SAM unit is a big control box that wasn't found on the older 600cc Fortwos.
The 600cc Fortwos used a much smaller unit called a
ZEE unit.

Smarts where the driver is sitting on the left: look under the dashboard on the driver's side.
You may need to pull back a flap to find what you are looking for.

Smarts where the driver is sitting on the right: look under the dashboard on the passenger's side. There should be no flap covering it so it should be directly visible.

Take a look at the sticker on the black box, if it is a
SAM, it will say so (circled in red below).

Now you should have all the information you require to determine which smart you have.

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