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The New Smart 451

Things you may not know about the new smart fortwo.

Modification Details

New Smart, New Features (2007)

According to those at smart, they paid attention to the mods, suggestions and
problems over the last few years when they designed the new smart fortwo (451).

New Features
  • A new faster gearbox has been fitted which, according to smart, is faster than before.

  • The gearbox is now a 5 speed instead of 6.

  • The engine was swapped for a 999cc, 3 cylinder, Mitsubishi built engine.
    This new engine is available with and without a turbo.

  • Much quieter to drive, quieter engine and better sound insulation.

  • The front panel is removable in just a few seconds making it easier to check and
    top up fluids. This also makes changing the light bulbs a lot easier and quicker.

  • The clear roof is now polycarbonate so a lot stronger than the old glass roof.

  • The rear light bulbs are accessible from a hatch on either side of the boot.

  • There is no button inside the car to open the boot, it has a switch in the boot handle.

  • The headlights are now projector units offering superior light output.

  • The luggage cover is retractable like a blind making access to the boot easier.

  • Kickdown is now available in manual, not just auto like the previous model.

  • The boot is 50% bigger than the boot on the previous Fortwo model.

  • The lower boot flap now contains storage space in all models like the old cabrio.

  • All cabrio models have full electric opening and closing, even the final lowering.

  • All models have the drive lock function which locks the doors when you get over 10 km/h, this feature can be enabled or disabled in the same way as the previous model.

  • If you brake sharply from 70 km/h, the hazard lights will flash to warn the car behind you that you are stopping suddenly. They can be turned off using the hazard light switch
    or they will automatically turn themself off when the car reaches over 10 km/h.

  • The doors can be deadlocked so they cannot be opened from the inside.
    Pressing the lock button twice on the key will deadlock the doors.

  • The safety triangle from the old smart has been replaced with a button strip,
    this has a lock and an unlock button. Similar to the Forfour.

  • UK smarts get a feature of their own called the double pull function.
    If the doors are locked, pulling the door handle once will unlock the door,
    pulling the handle a second time will allow the door to open.

  • Both passenger and driver side windows have one touch control.
    This allows the full lower or full lift of the driver windows with a quick press of the button.
    The passenger side has full lower only (thanks to Michael for the clarification).
    Not available on the Pure even if fitted at the factory (thanks to Lee for the info).

  • The driver's side has a electric window switch for both windows.
    The Pure model has manual winding windows.

  • The passenger airbag can be disabled using the ignition key if specified.
    There is a lock on the side of the dashboard that can be turned to disable the airbag.
    When the passenger airbag is disabled a warning sign illuminates above the internal mirror.

  • The instrument lights can be adjusted from dim to bright in five steps
    using the buttons either side of the speedo while the ignition is on.

    This is no way an exhaustive list and i'm only going by what the official printed
    manual says so it could be totally wrong or incomplete, not my fault if it is.

    Problems With The 451

  • MPG is a lot worse than previous fortwos.
  • High RPM at high speeds due to the missing 6th gear.
  • Anyone can remove the front panel, no security on it.

    Common Problems

  • Boot opening switches stop working.
  • Door handles stop opening the doors.

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