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Interior guides and mods

450 Roof Panel Trim Removal

There isn't a great deal behind them but it's handy for discreet wiring, tweeters and removing the sun blind.

Modification Details


Fold the visors down and remove the 3 screws with a Torx25 bit.
Do the same on the other side. The visors will come off so be careful.

Remove the rear view mirror by holding the main stem and twisting anticlockwise
a quarter of a turn, the the entire mirror will be loose in your hand.
Undo the screw in the centre (circled below) with a Torx20 bit.

The windscreen trim lips over the front panel so just the roof panel over it
and slide the entire front panel forward and down.

You will see the clips on the back of the panel when it has been taken off.

With the panel off you can now do whatever you planned to do.


The side trims are very easy to remove, they are held in with clips.
To remove, just lever the trim away from the Tridion.

With the trim off you can see where it clips into the Tridion

Ensure all of the clips are on the plastic trim before refitting as it's much easier.


In the outer most corners you will see a Torx20 bolt, remove them.

Remove the rear interior light by levering it out. There are 2 clips near the red circled area.

Pull the rear of the panel down to unclip before sliding towards the front of the car to unhook the catches. Push the interior light housing sideways through the hole.

There is one clip on either side near the vents...

...and one in the centre, near the light

To refit, slide the front hooks into place, thread the interior light back through the hole.
Push the rear of the panel to seat the 3 clips and replace and tighten the Torx bolts.

A Pillar Covers

Remove the front roof trim cover as shown above, this frees up the top of the A pillar cover.


The A pillar cover is just clipped in place so lever the trim piece towards the
middle of the windscreen to disconnect all of the metal clips down its length.

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