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450 Aftermarket Radio Fitting

Mod Description
Some people aren't as convinced as I am about the smart stereo and insist on uglying the dash right up by adding a new HU.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID172 CreditEvilution Cost£ï¿½50+ For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard PartsBuy here

Remove the old stereo using the removal keys you got with the car.
If you didn’t get them you will have to look on Ebay for some suitable replacements.

Pull the 3 connectors out the front so they don’t drop behind the dash.

Fit your fascia adapter around the hole where the stereo is going to be placed.

These can be purchased from SmartMods.

Slide the metal cage packaged with the stereo into the hole, the lip will hold the adapter in place. Fold a few of the metal tabs down using a screwdriver so the cage is held in place.

The main problem here is that the aperture is smooth so very few of the tabs can be bent over. It helps to mark a few of the tab outlines with a pencil and drill some holes so the tabs can be folded into the holes, this stops the cage from sliding out.

The other more permanent way is to rivet the cage into the hole.

Once the cage is secure, plug in all the required leads. It is worth testing to see if it works properly at this stage.

You may need to swap the switched live and permanent live over for it to turn off or stop it losing its settings, see here. When you are happy, gently push the stereo into the cage until it locks.

Job done.