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450 Chain Tensioner Removal

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The timing chain runs from the crankshaft up to the camshaft. For every 2 turns of the crankshaft, the camshaft will turn once. This relation between the 2 sprockets must stay the same at all times to keep the combustion cycle working and to stop the valves from hitting the pistons.

In order to stop the chain jumping the teeth of either sprocket, the chain has to have a tension applied to it so it’s always pulled tight against the sprockets.

The chain is deflected by a slide rail that’s pushed over by a hydraulic chain tensioner. The more it’s pushed over, the tighter the chain is.

The tensioner just pushes with spring force against the slide rail when the engine isn’t turning. However, when the engine spins, so does the oil pump and it’s the oil pressure that assists the pressure of the tensioner.


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