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450 Fortwo LCD

Mod Description
The smart LCD display tells us a lot of useful information if you know what you are looking at.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID542 CreditEvilution For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

First we will cover the smaller central box that usually displays the gear number.

First Gear

Second Gear

Third Gear

Fourth Gear

Fifth Gear

Sixth Gear

Change Up

Change Down

No Gear Selected

Reverse Gear


Automatic Mode

Immobiliser Active

Rear Soft Top Not Fastened Correctly

Gear Shift System Fault

CAN (data bus) System Fault

Immobiliser Active Mk1

This symbol was only seen on a bunch of the first remapped early smarts, some believe it stands for Sports mode.

Let’s have a look at what else is displayed on the speedo LCD.

On the left are 5 blobs, these represent the amount of fuel left in the fuel tank (currently shows 4 blobs full out of 5). When the tank gets down to 5 litres or less, all the blobs will be empty and the lower part of the display will show the remaining fuel.

On the right are 5 blobs, these represent the engine coolant temperature. Generally this stays at 3 blobs at normal running temperature. If all 5 temperature blobs show, an alarm will sound and you should switch the engine off as soon as possible.

Normally the car mileage is displayed at the bottom centre of the display.

If the outside temperature falls to 3 degrees Celsius or below the display will show a snowflake and the temperature. (only available with the air conditioning package or special equipment).

The next maintenance interval is displayed either in distance or days, 1 or 2 spanners show to show the service level required.

When the speed limiter is switched on and active, LIM is displayed and the specified speed limit.

One unusual thing that can be seen on the LCD if you view it in the right light is the alternative petrol pump nozzle. Looks suspiciously like a 2 pin electrical plug. I don’t know if this is displayed on the diesel smart if a pan heater is used etc. It could point towards smarts original intention to release an electric city coupe. If you have any info on this please let me know.

CAN Bus Fault

If you have a problem with a CAN bus system fault the normal fault is fuse 26 has blown on the 600cc smart or fuse 27 on the 700cc smart.

Check ALL the fuses to ensure they are all intact. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest turning the car off and checking 2 connections. The first is to the ECU which is on the side of the air box, the second is on the rear of the speedo (circled green).


Controlling The Display

It is very simple to scroll through the display info using the single button on the left hand side of the speedo cover. Each push brings up another parameter.

Each press of the button will bring up the following:

Total mileage

  • Recent mileage
  • Outside temperature
  • Residual fuel display


The recent mileage, when selected, can be reset to zero by holding the button down. Outside temperature only available with air con or as special equipment.

Double pressing the button will bring up the service schedule. The display will either show a distance or hours until next service is due. To the side, 1 or 2 spanners will show to indicate which service is due.