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450 Rocker Cover Removal

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Remove the spark plugs and air inlet manifold to reveal the crusty and corroded rocker cover. Use an E10 socket to remove the 6 bolts holding it down.

One of this bolts also holds the oil dip stick tube in position.

Pull off the large rubber breather hose from the TIK pipe (air box to turbo pipe).

This is what a removed pipe looks like! Life changing huh.

Lift the rocker cover off the top of the engine…

…to reveal the cam shaft and all the other oily parts.

Clean this part up well before refitting.

Especially the channel that the seal sits in…

…and the mating face where the seal would touch the engine head.

In the bottom left corner of the rocker cover shown below is a cover plate that can be removed and cleaned.

I don’t know what it does but I’m sure it’s important.

Before refitting the rocker cover, fit new seals.