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450 Suspension Change Front

Mod Description
One of the new comon problems is breaking springs and previous attempts by some people at removing the suspension lead to nuts being drilled out and the entire thing taking a day to complete. Posted 26th July 2007.
Mod Details
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The following info will show you how to change your front suspension without having to buy a fabled 7mm hexagon key or a Torx47 bit. You won’t need to drill out the top nut and the shock absorber will not be damaged at all during the removal process.

What Is Being Fitted And Special Tools

In this how-to we are fitting the Bilstein streetline kit that I bought from Smartarse Design.

Forget the idea of using a 7mm hex or T47 on the top of the shock rod, it’s a bad design. (see bottom of the page). What we are using is a two part aluminium clamp, purchased from smart, that grips the shock absorber shaft and stops it from spinning, you will also need a 46mm spanner to go over it.

If you want to try and make a clamp, the diameter of the shock absorber shaft is 18mm.

Smart can sell you a 46mm spanner if you can’t get one, it’s a very good make too. I already had a 46mm spanner.

Part Numbers

Special Tool Numbers

Two part aluminium clamp – 451 589 00 63 00.
46mm Japaned Facom spanner – 450 589 01 01 00.

Where Can I Get The 2 Part Clamp?

I  get this question a lot, I would have thought the smart part number would have made it obvious.

Both of these special tools can be purchased directly from smart. Some smart centres can’t find it, tell them it is a special tool, not a part. Some smart centres won’t sell you a special tool unless you are a VAT registered company.

If you are in America/Canada and your dealer is hundreds of miles way and generally useless, Mike C put me on to a company in New Jersey who sells and ships the clamp. Click here.

Required Replacements

Stretch hub bolt – 0001906V005000000 – You will need a pair of these,
Wheel bearing cover – 0002430V006000000 – Again you need a pair.

Replace If You Want

2 – Bottom spring cup – not available separately
3 – Bump stop – 2x 0009975V003000000
4 – Dust shield insert – 2x 0012230V002000000
5 – Dust shield – 2x 0006862V004000000
7 – Spring collar top – 2x A450 322 00 15
8 – Top bearing – 2x A450 330 00 51
9 – Spring cup insert – 2x A450 322 00 28
10 – Special nut – 2x A002 990 85 50
12 – Pull stop – 2x 0006697V004000000
13 – Top nut (M14x1.5) – 2x N 000000003277

Listed in pairs (2x) as you’ll need one of each per side.



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