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450 Timing Chain Cover Removal

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I did this with the engine removed. If you want to try it with the engine still in the car, you go for it you nutcase. You’ll hate yourself by the end of it but you will have gained the dexterity to wallpaper your hallway through the letterbox.

Remove the belts. See the bolt in the middle of the crankshaft pulley, that’s coming out.

You need an E18 socket to remove it. It shouldn’t be super tight. To stop the engine from turning you can pull off the plastic bung to access the clutch plate bolts and put a 17mm socket on one of them to stop the clutch from spinning. You don’t need to remove the gearbox.

On refitting this bolt is 140Nm + 90 degrees.

Pull off the crank shaft pulley. When you refit it, it’ll only go on in 1 way because of the keyed shaft.

I have removed the alternator here but that isn’t necessary. Using an E12 socket, remove the lower bolt from the alternator bracket. 9.5Nm on refitting.


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