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450/Roadster MP3 Lead

Mod Description
So you have a standard stereo and want to play MP3s through it eh.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID400 CreditEvilution Cost££20 For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard PartsBuy here

Suitable For The Following Smarts

  • Fortwo coupe and cabrio
  • Fortwo facelift coupe and cabrio
  • Roadster
  • Roadster Coupe
  • Crossblade

These leads only work on the:

  • standard smart CD player,
  • standard smart cassette player,
  • standard smart radio

The lead will not work on the standard Sat Nav stereo.
You cannot use this if you have fitted a CD multichanger.
This lead will NOT work on the new generation Fortwo (451).

If you want a lead for the new smart 451 have a look here.Click on the banner below if you wish to buy a lead.

We were the first to create custom leads for the old and the new fortwo.

A new spec to the original. Because so many people where buying the pre-made leads I decided to take it to a new level using very high quality parts designed for home cinema, home theater and digital Hi-Fi. These new leads use oxygen free twin shielded cables and pre-cast gold plated jack connections.The terminal connections are soldered for a better contact unlike the crimped connections on the mass produced leads available elsewhere.

Fitting The MP3 Lead

Once the stereo is out…

…thread the lead down the back and if required you can thread it into the drawer below.

Insert the blue plug in the socket in the far corner

Make a small indent at the back of the drawer for the lead to sit in.

Plug your MP3 player into the new plug, press the ‘CD’ or ‘CC/CD button (depending on model), the display should then show either AUX or NO COMMU (depending on model).

Ramp the volume up on your MP3 player and adjust the main volume on the stereo and you should be hearing your MP3 tunes.

I’m not going to pretend like some companies that these work with all the smart stereos, they don’t. There seems to be a small percentage of standard stereos that just refuse to work with the lead for absolutely no good reason even though a CD changer will function perfectly. If this is the case just send the lead back for a full refund.


All the leads are tested before sending out, if your stereo blows up or things stop working, it’s not my fault and not the leads fault either. Nothing like this has happened yet though.

Ebay MP3 Leads

If you want cheap tat then take the chance on the miriad of knock offs floating around on Ebay. Remember that I was the first to custom make these leads, they are all tested before delivery.

I get countless emails from people who have bought from Italy, China, Japan and even respected sellers on auction sites. So many of these other leads just don’t work, many are Blaupunkt leads that are sold because they believe they will work. Unfortunately, they don’t. Then it costs you money to return it.

If you want the best MP3 lead available for the smart, don’t look any further than here. Other companies have been copying my designs, lead type, using the word ‘premium’ and even using the word ‘evilution’ to try and sell their leads on Ebay. My design is always one step ahead.

By the time they learn of the upgrade to my leads and start copying them, I have added a new upgrade.

Ipod Charging Leads On Ebay

Personally I wouldn’t. Use a dedicated iPod car power supply. At least they have built in protection.

Make Your Own

Get on eBay and search for blue mini ISO and pick up a housing with at least 5 terminals in a kit.

Have a look at the connections page here.

Connect C13 to C15 with a wire. This activates the AUX functionality.
C18 is audio ground.
C19 is audio input left.
C20 is audio input right.