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451 ABS Sensors

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1760 Creditevilution For451 ED451 Fortwo Link Copy to Clipboard

Front ABS Sensor Removal

Using an E10 socket, remove the bolt on the back of the hub. Pull the sensor out of the hub. If it gets stuck, spray it with penetrating oil and twist it back and forward to break the corrosion.

Follow the cable and disconnect the electrical connector.

Rear ABS Sensor Removal

Remove the rear wheel and look near the front of the rear hub.

You’ll have to remove the E8 bolt that holds the sensor to the hub. These are usually very corroded so soak them in penetrating oil.

Carefully work the bolt back and forward to reduce the chance of it snapping. With the bolt removed, slide the sensor out. You can aid the removal by levering the sensor out from the back.

Follow the cable to the other end and disconnect it by pulling it from the connector.