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451 Free Cup Holder

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID974 Creditevilution Cost£Free Link Copy to Clipboard

Smart will sell you a cup holder for your 451 but to be honest, you don’t need it. You get one free, as standard.

On the way back from picking up my first 451 in 2007 we stopped at a McDonalds for lunch. The next day, I noticed that the passenger had left her drink (empty of course) tucked in the seat adjustment handle.

More often though, I throw my iPad in there as seen below (but in a case). I don’t like leaving in the footwell in case anything placed on the seat rolls off under braking and hits the screen. It also keeps it out of the way of passenger’s feet (if you ever have such things…. passengers, not feet).

Why did it take 7 years to tell you? Despite being so obvious that my ex girlfriend thought it up, it wasn’t as obvious to others. A recent post on a smart forum exclaimed surprise at the discovery so I thought it best to pass it on in case you hadn’t worked it out already.