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453 Engine Types

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How Can I Tell What Engine My 453 Has?

Normally, to tell the engine, you open the boot, remove the engine cover and take a look.
There is always a tell-tale difference between the engines.

Turbo 0.9 Engine (281.910)

1.0 Non Turbo Engine (281.920)

At 1st glance, with so much going on, you'd do well to spot any differences. But there are loads.

Turbo 0.9 Engine

The easiest way to see is to look at the inlet manifold. The turbo engine manifold is ribbed.

1.0 Non Turbo Engine

However, the non turbo engine inlet manifold is smooth.

Other differences can be seen in the pipe that comes from the airbox on the left hand side.
On the non turbo it goes in an L shape straight into the throttle body.
On the turbo engine, this pipe dips down under the engine to feed the turbo.


If you (stupidly) bought a manual, you can tell the engine just by looking at the gearstick.

The non turbo gearstick has a very boring and standard straight Renault gear knob.

But the turbo engine version of the car has a lift-reverse collar under the gear knob.

If you bought the DCT gearbox version, you'll have to look at the engine to work it out.