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453 EQ Desiccant Cartridge

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What Is A Desiccant Cartridge?

Electric doesn’t like water but high power batteries and water can cause serious issues. A desiccant cartridge pulls all of the water out of the air inside the battery. This reduction in humidity stops the formation of condensation inside the battery.

When you buy electrical items, you always find a silica gel packet with “do not eat” all over it. The desiccant cartridge is just a massive version of that.

It’s worth noting that silica gel in these packets are not gel, nor is it poisonous so munch away ya weirdo.

Changing The Cartridge

Every 2 years, this cartridge should be changed, according to smart. I’ll show you how to change it and then explain how to save money, a lot of money. Jack the offside of the car up.

Look under the car, just left of the centre line.

You’ll see the car’s belly button. This is the base of the cartridge.

To remove it, you’ll need a Torx90 bit. This is far bigger than you can possibly imagine. It’s not a cheap tool but I have worked out an alternative. I’ll come back that later.

Put the Torx90 into the base of the desiccant cartridge and unscrew it. Lefty loosey.

After about 9 turns, the cartridge will slide out of the battery.

This is the cartridge I removed. It’s about as long as you wished your penis was (but thinner).

I initially presumed that the beads had gone orange because they had absorbed water. I was wrong. The cartridge on the right is the new replacement that I fitted back to the car.

It doesn’t need to be super tight. You can then throw the old cartridge away. However, I would recommend you don’t bin it. In fact, I don’t recommend buying a new cartridge at all. Especially considering the price of a new cartridge and how easy it is to reuse the old cartridge. A new cartridge is £40. Absolute rip off when there are alternatives costing from 75p all the way down to free.

Cheap Torx90 Bit

I made these from 17mm hexagonal aluminium rod. I hand cut the flutes with a round file.

This can be placed into a standard 17mm socket and used to remove the cartridge. They will be available from

New Cartridge

I understand that some of you have more money than sense (you probably subscribed here for a start). So, if you want a new cartridge, go to smart and order part number A 789 340 33 00.

It’s not a cheap part for what it is.

Reusing The Old Cartridge

This is the far more sensible option and could cost you nothing. Here is the cartridge I removed. Just by subscribing and not buying a new cartridge, you could save up to £29 straight away.


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