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453 Facelift Centre Console

Mod Details
PremiumYes Difficulty Mod ID1784 Creditevil/Felix For453 EQ453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

 453 Facelift Centre Console

It’s got a tambour door! It’s neat for storage but terrible for drinks holding and accessing the USBs.

A lot of people are desperate to retrofit this to their old smart, however, when you see the price, most people don’t bother.

Smart Part Numbers

Part Description RHD Part Number LHD Part Number
Square Trim Cover 969254056R 969254056R
Handbrake surround A4536802206 A4536802206
Square Trim Rubber Mat A4538230200 A4538230200
Storage Box A4536831000 A4536831000
USB unit 280231553R or A4538202601 250231553R or A4538202601
Main Lower Frame A4536803306 A4536803206
Gear Stick Surround without ambient light A4536831700 A4536831600 (not sure on this one, see below)
Gear Stick Surround with ambient light A4536831900 (not sure on this one, see below) A4536831800
Left Side Panel A4536802806 A4536802306
Right Side Panel A4536802406 A4536802506
Insert Cup Holder A2056800691 A2056800691
Storage Box Rubber Mat A2056830291 A2056830291


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Fit the rear cup holder or arm rest behind the handbrake lever.

That’s it, you’re complete.


If you are fitting the facelift centre console, you won’t have the facelift Bosch Media unit. Therefore you’ll not have the correct connections for the USB unit.

If you have ambient lighting, one of the old connectors for the side ambient lights should plug into a connector on the new gear stick surround.


Here’s the bad news. Last time I enquired, those few pieces weren’t cheap. The storage box on its own was about £450 which is madness. All together, you are looking at a total of over £800 but I have heard that the prices have just gone higher and higher. You’ve changed your mind on it now haven’t you? I only did it for the website