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453 Fortwo & Forfour Bulb List

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1079 Creditevilution For453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

453 Fortwo & Forfour ECE BSN Quantity
High Beam H4 472 2
Low Beam (combined with above) H4 472 x
Front Fog Light H16 TBC 2
Front Side Light Unknown LEDs
Side Repeater WY5W 501A 2
Front Indicator PY21W 581 2
High Level Brake Light TBC TBC
Front Interior (side) & Licence Plate W5W 501 4
Boot side light W5W (see below) 501 1
Speedo, Rev/Clock Pods
and Heater Lighting
Unknown LEDs N/A Loads!
Rear Brake/Tail Light P21/5W 380 2
Rear Indicator PY21W 581 2
Reverse Light W16W 921 1
Rear Fog Light P21W 382 1
Front Interior (centre) C5W 39mm 239 1

Lighting Package

If you have the lighting package on your 453 Fortwo or Forfour, the brake lights and rear position lights are replaced with non changeable LEDs. These shouldn’t blow so you’ll not need to change them.

Boot Light

As standard, the bulb in the boot light is a W5W wedge bulb but the light unit is also set up to take a 22mm long festoon lamp (C5W, 239 or 269). However, I’ve not found bulbs this short.

Information About The Above

BSN are the bulb numbers we use in Britain.
ECE are the bulb numbers they use in Europe.