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453 Fuses (Petrol)

Mod Description
Covers Fortwo & Forfour in all ICE engine and electric driver formats.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1075 Creditevilution For453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

W453 (Forfour) & C453 (Fortwo)

Main Fuse Box F2

Fuse Number Amp Rating Power State Wire Colour
1 Centre SAM control unit 5A Switched Brown
2 Power steering control unit 5A Switched Brown
3 Lighting control unit 5A Permanent Brown
4 Airbag 5A Switched Brown
6 Instrument cluster 10A Red
7 Horn, alarm system 15A Blue
8 Driver side SAM 10A Red
9 Driver side SAM 10A Red
10 Centre SAM 20A Yellow
11 Indicators 15A Blue
12 Centre SAM 10A Red
13 Centre SAM 15A Blue
14 30A Green
15 ESP 5A Brown
16 Interior lighting 10A Red
17 Immobiliser, Brake light switch 3A Violet
18 Electric adjustable mirrors 5A Brown
19 Brake lights 10A Red
20 Parking aid, headlight adjusters, lane keep assist 15A Blue
21 ECU 5A Brown
22 Rear window wiper 15A Blue
23 Starter motor 30A Permanent Green
24 Central locking 40A Permanent Orange
25 Front windscreen wipers 30A Permanent Green
26 Radio 20A Permanent Yellow
28 12v socket, cigarette lighter 15A Switched Blue
29 Power supply control unit 5A Permanent Brown
30 Horn 15A Switched Blue
31 Additional instruments 10A Red
32 Central locking 15A Switched Blue
33 Rear lights, hazard warning button, central locking button, headlamp adjusters, power windows, licence plate lights, radio, AC controller, cruise control, speed limiter, parking aid button, program selector button, tailgate unlocking, lane keeping assist camera, start/stop button. 25A Permanent Light blue
34 Headlights, DRL 25A Permanent Light blue
35 Headlights, DRL 25A Permanent Light blue
39 Roof rack electrical connection 20A Permanent Yellow
42 Seat heater control unit 25A Light Blue
43 Heated wing mirrors and adjusters 5A Switched Brown
44 Anti-entrapment feature (emergency windows) 25A Switched Light blue
45 Gearbox control unit 5A Switched Brown
46 Radio amplifier 20A Yellow
48 Brake booster pump & Power electronics
(electric drive)
49 Electric vehicle circuit 30 (electric drive) 10A Red
52 Soft top control drive unit 20A Yellow
53 Soft top control drive unit 20A Yellow

Switched/Permanent Live Power State

I have documented a load of the power states of the main fuse board. Permanent lives are always powered at 12 volts. Switched lives come on with the ignition.
I haven’t done all of the fuses as it’s a real ball ache and you have enough to choose from if you want to piggyback some fuses for a dash camera etc.

Front Fuse Box (Under Bonnet) F1

Petrol Engine

Item Function Specification
Fuse 1 Heated Rear Window 30A
Fuse 2 Seat Heater 30A
Fuse 3 ESP Traction Control 25A
Fuse 4 Fortwo Main Electrical 40A
Fuse 5 Combustion Engine & Relay Module F11 60A
Fuse 6 Twinamic Auto Gearbox 50A
Fuse 7 Heating/AC System 30A
Fuse 8 Unknown 80A
Fuse 9 Secondary Air Injection Pump (USA) 60A

Rear Fuse Box (Behind Offside Boot Panel) F11

Petrol Engine

Fuse Number Function Specification
1 AC Compressor Clutch Diode
2 Vacuum Pump Relay Diode
3 Fuel Pump Level Sensor 20A
4 Circuit 30 25A
5 Circuit 87, Preheat Air Flap, Purge Control Valve, Variable Camshaft Solenoid, Oil Pump Valve, Secondary Air Injection Valve, Lambda Sensor (x2). 15A
6 Air Conditioning 15A
7 Fan 10A
8 Twinamic Dual Clutch 10A

Battery Clamp Fuses (Positive Battery Connection) F108

Fuse Number Function Specification
1 Feeds Fuse 3A & 3B And Main Cable To Front Fuse Box F1 200 Amp
2A Main Fuse Box F2 70 Amp
2B Power Steering Controller 60 Amp
3A Main Fuse Box F2 & Ignition Lock 70 Amp
3B ESP Traction Control Unit 50 Amp