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453 Gearbox Fluid Change

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The 453 comes with 3 option for the gearbox.
The turbo and non turbo petrol model had the option for either manual or auto.
The electric drive model only came with a fixed ratio gearbox (not yet covered here).

Manual Gearbox Fluid Change

Post yourself under the car and look for the transmission drain plug.

You’ll need an 8mm square plug tool to remove it. Get one here.


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Gearbox Fluid Specs

5 Speed Manual Transmission MB235.10 (75W-85)

Transmission code 700.12
MB Own Brand A 001 989 84 03
Gear Oil MB 317
Comma MVMTF Plus 75W-80

6 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission MB235.73 (75W)

Transmission code 700.41
MB Own Brand A 001 989 98 03 09
Castrol Syntrans FE 75W
Castrol Transmax Manual FE 75W

Single Speed Electric Drive Transmission MB235.73 (75W)

MB Own Brand A 001 989 98 03 09
Castrol Syntrans FE 75W
Castrol Transmax Manual FE 75W


Manual Gearbox (700.12) 2.6 Litres
Automatic Gearbox (700.41) 1.7 Litres
Gearbox for ED/EQ (700.xx) 0.9 Litres

Service Schedule

Smart do not state when the transmission fluid should be changed. I would recommend doing it every 60,000 miles.

What Can I Do With The Old Oil?

Take it to a place that recycles oil like your local tip. Alternatively you can make your own penetrating fluid with it. See here.


Catalin A for the DCT auto photographs.
Chris Manole for the Allen key size for the DCT plug.