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453 Scuttle Panel Removal

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1647 For453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

The scuttle is the panel underneath the windscreen that the wipers pass through. It’s a decorative panel to hide the wiper mechanism. Mine was broken so I had to replace it.

Pop out the clip in each corner.

Lift up the rubber infill piece.

Remove both wiper arms by removing the decorative cap…

…to reveal the 17mm nut. Remove these.

You will almost certainly need a wiper arm puller tool. There are plenty of types, I prefer this type.

Place the tool over the arm, tighten down the knurled silver section to clamp the arms in place, then wind the black lever to pull the wiper arm.

The often pop off with a bang so careful you don’t jump scare urinate your pants.

Remove the foam piece…

…it just pulls out.

On each side of the scuttle is another clip, again, lever them out.

Remove the Torx20 screws underneath.

Pull off the rubber seal…

Lift the scuttle up from the front.

The rear clips tuck under the windscreen to hold it in place. They’ll unclip as you remove the scuttle panel.

Now on to the scuttle bucket. There are 4x 10mm screws holding it in place.

Remove them all.

Pull the scuttle bucket up and out of the car.

You won’t get far as the car will probably have the bonnet alarm switch attached.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the switch and unclip the wiring loom clip and you are done.