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454 Heater Bulbs

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Heater Control Bulbs

There are 3 bulbs that illuminate the heater controls on the 454 forfour.

Remove the heater control panel from the car and lever the 3 clips open…

…and separate the 2 halves.

The 6 buttons, 3 LEDs and 3 bulbs are now visible.

The bulbs sit above or below a central LED used to light the on/off illumination in the centre of the knobs. The bulb illuminates the dials that sit around the outside of the knobs. To remove them, you just have to twist them a quarter turn anti-clockwise and then pull them from the board.

These are the 3 bulbs that have been removed, They are quarter turn twist fit bulbs that look similar to the 509T type, however they aren’t.

The bulb on the left was removed from the heater control, the one on the right is a 509T. Too big.

The 509T pushes in from behind whereas the smaller twist fit bulb pushes in from the front.

You can buy replacements from smart and possibly Mitsubishi as the heater controller is very similar to the Mitsubishi Colt.

The smart number numbers are either A 454 820 00 21 or A 454 820 15 21

These are custom sized bulb bases used by Mitsubishi. I haven’t found LEDs of these.