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American 451 Interior Trim

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Why Fit American Roof Trim?

I can only think of 3 reason and I did it for the 3rd one. On non American smarts, there is a lot more internal Tridion on show in the boot. Look at the area around the seatbelt guide. Metal. Looks fine right?

Smart decided that Americans wouldn’t go for exposed metal so created full covers so you can’t see any of the Tridion.

Reason 1 – You think it looks nicer (or you’re covering up scratches).
Reason 2 – The new panels have extra sound deadening behind them.
Reason 3 – You want a good place to put rear speakers.

Remove The Old Trim

Obviously it’s not going to be as easy as just buying boot side panels. This is smart we are talking about.

So, step 1, remove all of the roof trim panels. Yes, all of them. There’s a Torx20 on each side of the rear centre panel to remove.

Pull the back down to unseat the 3 clips and then push the panel forwards.

This frees up the front tabs and the panel will drop down.

Underneath that panel is a Torx25 screw. Remove these from each side.


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