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Disabling the Yaw Sensor.

Mod Description
The Yaw sensor or lateral movement sensor plays a vital role in keeping your car on the road. It is part of the Trust/Trust+/ESP system and relays info about the sideways movement of your car.
Mod Details
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As you turn a corner the sensor reads the sideways G-force, if the car should lose grip on the corner the G-force reading suddenly drops alerting the ECU that the car is sliding. In turn, this activates the safety sytems and restricts the power to the wheels and (with ESP) actively brakes selected wheels in an attempt to correct the sideways movement.Disabling the yaw sensor can be fun if you are careful and know how the car behaves, stepping over the limit with this sensor disabled will send your car off the corner and into a tree.Location For Smarts with Trust+.

Acknowledgement to Justrules for the (dodgy) picture.

Circled above is the yaw sensor, it can be accessed by dropping the front undertray down. Undo the fixings, twist 90 degrees and retighten, job done.

This makes the yaw sensor send erroneous data to the ECU on starting the car, the ECU is aware that the extreme data sent cannot be correct as the car has just been started. The ECU then ignores all the data sent from this sensor.

The modification can be reversed just as easily as it was done, if you do decide to do this mod please be careful, the safety system is there for a reason.

Location For Smarts With ESP

The ESP lateral movement sensor is located under the carpet under the near side seat. (passenger side on a right hand drive vehicle).

No amount of tampering will help, if you adjust its position or pull the plug out of it, the ESP light will come on and stay on meaning that none of the ESP systems will work.