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evilution Christmas Message

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There are 2 consistencies with me and Christmas. A Santa hat and being unimpressed with the whole thing.

evilution Christmas Photo 2013

evilution Christmas Photo 2015

evilution Christmas Photo 2017

evilution Christmas Photo 2018

evilution Christmas Photo 2019

A messy workshop is a sign of a chaotic mind. All this mess happened in 1 day when I was trying to complete all of the small unusual ideas that I made a list of throughout the year.

evilution Christmas Photo 2020

I was taking everything interesting or useful off of the grey diesel 451 before sending it off for scrap in January.

evilution Christmas Photo 2021

I grew this beard especially for this Christmas photo. Shame it only stayed up for about an hour before some spineless “professionally offended” snowflake reported it to FaceBook and got me banned for 6 days because of the sign. What makes me laugh is I bought that sign after I saw a paid advert on FaceBook for them. I guess that Facebook don’t care when they’ve been paid.

Festive as fuck!