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Evilution – The Cars

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A few pictures and a bit of info about my smarts
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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID258 Creditevilution For450 Fortwo451 ED451 Fortwo452 Roadster453 EQ453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard
The Smarts I Have Owned

I have owned 18 smarts now, here is a little bit about 11 of them.

Evil Weevil

Model: Pure Year: 2003
Original Colour: Jack Black
Original Output: 61bhp & 70ft-lb torque
Final Output: 117bhp & 107.3ft-lb torque

Just Lowered, July 2007

Beaulieu November 2006                                   Billing August 2005

Greenhithe, Kent Industrial Estate, January 2006. Taken by




Lorinser front splitter
S-mann side skirts
Custom made angel eye headlights
Focus ST metallic orange front centre panel
Custom made exhaust valance
Blindschleiche twin oval exhaust and matching valance (now removed)
Janspeed Stealth (replaced the above)
S-mann top spoiler
Carbontec scoop (now removed)
Evilution meshed sucker (replaced above)
S-mann front grill with custom hexagon mesh
Headlight eyebrows
Smart arch extensions x4
16′ Adikt Type E alloys powdercoated in black with 3-5 stud converters (now removed)
16′ Spikeline alloys powdercoated in gloss black (replaced above)
Bilstein Streetline suspension (shock and springs)
Tinted rear and side indicators
LED focus style repeaters in front of the wing mirrors (now removed)
Indicator wing mirrors (replaced above)
Evilution milled Red Dot custom brake discs
Red Dot brake pads
Goodridge brake hoses
Smart upgrade horn
Shortened aerial
Tinted windows
Michelak smooth wipers (now removed)
Bosch Aerotwin wipers (replaced above)
Smooth rear wiper
Tinted show plates
Debadged and roadster ‘smart’ badge applied to back
Quick fill fuel filler cap
‘Evil Inside’ domed resin badges on skirts
Custom made LED high level brake light
Evilution vinyl site sticker


Brabus Roadster engine (replaced original)
Wiltec sequential dump valve (now removed)
Janspeed intercooler pipes (replaced above)
Forge silicone intercooler pipes (replaced above)
BIG performance remap (now removed)
Red Dot custom remap (replaced above)
Roadster turbo
Roadster cam shaft
4 Bar fuel pressure regulator
GSR silicone induction pipe (now removed)
Brabus 101 TIK (replaced above)
Forge silicone TIK (replaced above)
Oil filter adapter
ITG air filter (now removed)
Venom induction (replaced above)
Blindschleiche twin oval exhaust and matching valance (now removed)
Janspeed Stealth (replaced the above)
Decorative engine plate


Leather 3 spoke steering wheel
Paddle gear shift
Roadster speedo
Roadster boost gauge
Roadster temperature gauge
Roadster trip computer
Roadster ESP off switch
Blue LEDs in radio and safety triangle
Roadster leather heated seats
Leather dash
Leather door cards
Smaller rear view mirror (now removed)
Shortened rear view mirror adapter (replaced above)
Stainless steel speedo, revs and clock gauge faces
Metal heater control covers
Michelak metal heater slider knobs
Aluminium handbrake button
Ripspeed handbrake cover
Padded neoprene draw insert
Aluminium ‘evilution’ kick strips
Aluminium heater pods
Aluminium heater surrounds
Aluminium pod surrounds
Aluminium ‘evilution’ gear shift plate
Aluminium handbrake base decoration
Metal wing mirror adjuster covers (now removed)
8-Ball handbrake knob
Aluminium chair inserts
Aluminium stalk ends
Knurled brushed metal stereo volume knob
Blue LED interior lights
Blue LEDs in all buttons
M-station 10gig MP3 player
Grundig compact subwoofer
External Tomtom aerial and custom centre console mount
Vauxhall sunglasses holder

Final Dyno Graph


Mr Meaner

My first 451 bought in May 2008

Model: Passion non turbo
Year: 2007
Original Colour: Jack Black
Original Output: 71bhp & 68ft-lb torque
Final Output: undetermined

I never really did much to this car, it never really thrilled me like the 450 did. However, it has since been bought by S2Smarts as their courtesy car where the modding started.

It did just have a white front end, DIY Brabus style headlights, perforated vinyl headlight covers, eyebrows, upgraded speaker setup and smart-tow tow bar.Since being a S2Smarts show/demo/courtesy car it has been lowered 10mm with Brabus shocks and springs, Schmidt space alloys in matt black, S-mann side skirts, S-mann front splitter, S-mann DRLs, vinyled Tridion and a home made induction kit.

Mr Messy

Model: Roadster
Year: 2004
Original Colour: Jack Black
Original Output: 80bhp & 81ft-lb torque
Final Output: 105bhp & ?ft-lb torque

Badly sprayed black at the front fading to silver at the back with a rainbow lacquer over the top.
Lacquer has reacted badly and the whole car is crazed. It looked awesome. Proper rat-look that you didn’t mind leaving in a car park.

Brabus full body kit,
Janspeed exhaust,
Brabus monoblock alloys,
Forge silicone hoses and DV,
Raid V6 steering wheel.


My second 451 bought in May 2011
Model: Pulse turbo cabrio
Year: 2011
Original Colour: Crystal white (Paper White)
Documented Output: 86bhp & 88ft-lb of torque
Original Output: 98bhp & 108.4ft-lb torque
Current Output: 117bhp & 122.5ft-lb torqueRemapped at Tune4Performance.

Day 1 just home from Smart of Chelmsford

Iridium spark plugs, Brabus shock absorbers, S-mann -40mm springs, new speaker setup, Brabus paddle wheel, Tune4Performance remap, S2smarts brake discs (Pagid), Pipercross filter, Brabus front splitter, S-mann rear spoiler, Ultimate 112 style front spoiler add on, Brabus rear valance (fibreglass copy), Brabus exhaust, new 17″ alloys. Smartmods white braided brake hoses, earth lead kit and some matt black vinyl.

Sold to another well known smart owner in August 2023.

I.M. Weasel (Gonads)

After having a foreign lorry plough into the side of Nero I decided to get a sacrificial commuting car as I do 100 miles every day. It was time I got a diesel for the increased MPG.

I immediately discarded all of the 54bhp CDIs with the Euro5 exhausts as they are trouble. The hardy 45bhp Euro4 was the order of the day and then remap it.

Documented Output: 45bhp & 81ft-lb of torque
Original Output: 50bhp & 85.7ft-lb torque
Current Output: 66.5bhp & 117ft-lb torque

Remapped at Tune4Performance. Trust no one else with your 451.

Scrapped for parts as my girlfriend drove it for a year to a farm where her horse was. The road to the farm had more craters than the moon so the whole car got tired very quickly. There was no way it was passing another MOT.


This was my 1st 54bhp diesel 451. I had to get one to work out why they kept failing. It was called Earl because he was grey.

I had the occasional issues with it going into safe mode and changed the exhaust pressure sensor a bunch of times. It was no real issue for many years right up to the point it suddenly failed and the engine sounded terrible. It sat at S2smarts for about 5 years until I took it back and found that one of the rockers in the engine had popped off. It was so much work to put the rocker back and there’s no guarantees that it wouldn’t do it again. I couldn’t trust it and I didn’t want to sell it. So it got scrapped after I took the interesting parts off of it.


My 1st electric smart. I bought it in June 2018 for only £6500. It only had 8000 miles on it.

It’s called Gringo because he’s green and he really does go. Green Go.

I fitted seat covers, a Pioneer Car Play stereo and bought rear wheels to fit the front. Then I upgraded the motor controller to a Brabus one which gives a sports mode. For a smart, it’s very quick and it has ruined me for smarts with normal engines. Electric cars are so nice to drive.
I put 42,000 miles on it with no problems and having charging at home and work, the car paid for itself in 2 years by not buying diesel.
Late 2022 I had the charger fail and then the inverter shit itself. I bought a new charger and a 2nd hand inverter and got it working again for about £1600.

Since he was sitting around not being used, I decided it’d be best to sell him on. A company bought it so the security guards could patrol a really nice 110 acre estate. Next day he broke down and I took it back as I felt bad for the buyer. He’s now going to get stripped and scrapped as I can’t trust it enough to fix and sell.


My 1st ever 453. I bought it from Mercedes of Manchester in 2018 and had it shipped down sight unseen. It was the cheapest one I could find. Sadly it’s a non turbo with a manual gearbox. It’s horrible to drive and it’s the car I lend out to friends who need to borrow a car.

It’s called Subo because the number plate ends in UBO and if you have ever seen Susan Boyle (Subo), you’ll see they’re both harsh on the eyes.

I only bought it to take it apart and learn about the version for the website.

It’s the car I perform all of the testing on. I eventually sold it in December 2023.


In July of 2021 I was looking on Copart to see what was available and found a 453 forfour EQ with minor front end damage. I won it for £8500 and fixed in in 2 days with £500 of genuine parts and bits of 453 that I had in boxes. It’s fully loaded with almost all of the extras like a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, radar braking etc.

It’s called Klobasa because the 453 forfour was built in Slovenia and it translates to sausage which is the best way to describe the design of the forfour. Eventually I managed to get a replacement brand new bonnet as the old one was scuffed.

Grey Fox

December 2022, I was off work and received the same link from 2 friends telling me of a crashed 453 fortwo EQ for sale on eBay. I thought it was going to sell for a lot of money because it wasn’t recorded on the insurance but I won it for £6,000. I think people were put off because it wouldn’t drive. Searching online, people were saying that the battery would be bricked because the crash sensor would have told it to discharge for safety.

Ordering parts over December is always a problem so it took a long time to get everything I needed. A little bit of hard work, research and fixing got it to a point were it had the wheels aligned, would drive perfectly but failed the MOT. This was because I removed the fog lights since the wiring loom was damaged. For the manufacture date, the car had to have fog lights that worked. 2nd time was successful.

I thought find a company who does frame pulling just to straighten up an upright so I can get a final bolt in correctly but it’s such a short chassis leg and it has so much stuff around it, I decided to bodge it. I’d driven it around for nearly a year and it was fine so I just welded in 1 replacement bracket and added a bunch of washers to bridge the gap. It’s still not perfect but it’s far better than it was. This work was documented on my YouTube channel.

It’s called Grey Fox because it’s the same colour. Click.


In June 2023 I saw another 453 EQ fortwo on Copart but this was a facelifted one with the new front end, new centre console and new Bosch touchscreen stereo. I won it for £4050 before fees. Somehow after fees that became just over 6K. Parts cost about £1500. Getting parts from smart was fairly painless as it was all a 3 day wait, except for headlights.

There was no structural damage at all. I just replaced a lot of plastic parts, the dashboard, airbags and seatbelts. All of this is documented on my YouTube channel.
Currently, the only issue with this car is the radar sensor is broken and won’t adjust to allow it to pass a calibration process. I bought a replacement to try.

I thought long and hard about a name to suit him. He’s black and had his face smashed in so he had to be named after a boxer. I went through a list of boxers and ended up with (Jimmy) Carter. It has the word CAR right in the name! It was a no brainer.