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Forfour 454 Key Fob Battery

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1644 For454 Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

How Do I Know It Needs Changing?

When the battery gets low, the indicators will flash nine times in quick sucession when you lock or unlock the car. From this point onward, you have approximately 100 uses of the remote central locking fob before it won’t open the car any more.

Ideally the battery should be changed on every service but they can usually last 2 years.

What Battery Do I Need?

Forfour 454 = CR2016

The Ideal Key Battery?

The best are the Renata batteries because they are factory fitted batteries for Swatch watches and also factory fitted in most smart keyfobs as standard.

They are Swiss made cells that cost less and last longer than other imported and no name batteries.

Fitting The Battery

Forfour Keyfob

Look on the side of the key and you will see an indent, lever the key open with a coin.

With the key in two parts you can see the battery clipped into one half.

Swap the battery over with a new one and reassemble the key.